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Download ImageWolf
Download ImageWolf
ImageWolf: the image you need!
Are you a fan of Brad Pitt or Penelope Cruz, and want to find images of your idols? Do you have a presentation to make and need some graphics to illustrate it? Then ImageWolf should interest you, it's a search tool dedicated to finding images and videos on the Web. It brings them right back to your browser!

This search agent, specialised in finding images, is developed by Trellian Australia Software. It enables you to search for images and videos using keywords. Downloading and installing ImageWolf present no particular problems

Top Rapid and practical

Before beginning your keyword search, you pass through the settings screen where you can parameter many different search options. These allow you to filter the type of images and to automatically download files to your hard drive. As well as using keywords, it is also possible to specify a URL from which searches can be made. Searching takes a few minutes, and then the results appear in the main window with the file name and the source. You only have to click on the list of links to access the images. To retrieve the most relevant images, choosing good keywords is important!

An image bank Top

ImageWolf manages a library of links to image and video files, which saves time during later searches. You can also create your own library of links, simply by clicking on “Editor” and filling in the fields with information about the links: title, URL etc. Existing links can be files, modified, updated, or deleted and new entries can be added. This library is a very handy way of building your own image bank.

ImageWolf can seem rather austere at first sight, but it's worth taking the time to discover all its potential. It is a rapid and efficient agent!

  Download ImageWolf
Download ImageWolf

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