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Download Guard-IE
Download Guard-IE
Guard-IE protects your browser from pop-up ads
Pop-ups have become such a regular feature of the Internet that using Guard-IE can be a rather eerie experience – all of a sudden, something seems to be missing. What? It’s those annoying advertising windows that used to appear in front of the page you were trying to read, or sneakily placed themselves behind the page, leaving you to discover them later and to wonder how they got there.

With Guard-IE, these disturbances become a thing of the past. Guard-IE systematically blocks new browser windows before they even appear on your screen. What’s more, it blocks the script-based ads used by Geocities, Yahoo! and others that creep across your screen, obscuring entire sections of the page. It can also identify the presence of web bugs in a page and clean up cookies and your browsing history for improved privacy.

Top An end to advertising pollution

Guard-IEThe advantages of Guard-IE are obvious – no more pop-up pollution. The disadvantages aren’t hard to see either… perhaps you really do want to see pop-ups from certain sites, or maybe a link is programmed to open in a new window and gets blocked by mistake. But Guard-IE has a range of solutions: open links with a right click, by holding down the SHIFT clicking on a link, by adding the URL to a list of accepted sites, etc. Guard-IE is fully integrated into Internet Explorer 5.0+, and all its features can easily be turned on and off to best suit your surfing style.

Once you have re-discovered the joys of surfing without pop-up ads, it will be hard to go back to the bad old days. A little program like Guard-IE (only 932 Ko) can make a big difference.
  Download Guard-IE
Download Guard-IE

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