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Download Grab a site
Download Grab a site
Grab a site
Grab a site: an offline browser for all users
Sometimes there are files or pieces of information that itís just not possible to retrieve from a Web site or page. The worst of all is when the information you want is correctly displayed in the browser, but you canít copy itÖ unless you decide to type it again out by hand. But is that really necessary, have you tried all the tricks that could help you get the information?

When a site is blocked, or is taking a very long time to load, but you absolutely have to consult it, the idea of downloading it doesnít always come to mind. Too long or too heavy, you might thinkÖ In fact, itís not so clear-cut. In general, you only consult part of the pages on a site. Why not download only those that interest you, so you can consult them off-line without any connection problems? And if you canít copy the text or the address of certain links: download the page in question and the problem is solved.

Top Simplicity and effectiveness

Behind its simple interface, Grab a Site hides a powerful site downloader. To get started, create a project in which you can list many sites or pages to be downloaded at the same time. But be careful, the filtering preferences that you have specified apply to all the sites in the same project. This means that if you have configured Grab a Site to download a maximum of 20 pages, or to only follow links from one page, it will act in the same way with all sites. To have different downloading criteria for each site, you will need to create as many projects as there are sites to download.

It is possible to download password-protected pages, as long as you have the login/password. Once the addresses of the sites and pages have been added to the project, and the download options have been chosen, just click on Ďgrabí to begin downloading. Itís as easy as hitting the Ďrecordí button on your VCR.

Grab a Site is great for Internet users who doesnít want to be overwhelmed by multiple options or bewildered by the complexity of the software. This site downloader is very easy to use and doesnít require long hours spent poring over the help manual. However - unfortunately - Grab a Site does not currently offer automatic updating of the downloaded sites and pages. This could be a turn-off for professional information monitoring uses. But try it out for yourself before making your mind up!
  Download Grab a site
Download Grab a site

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