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Download Glooton
Download Glooton
Glooton: are you a searcher or a metasearcher?
Inspired by Sherlock, Mac OSís integrated software, Glooton submits your query to multiple online search engines, as defined by its thematic plug-ins.

When you launch the software, you are asked to choose the language of the interface. Glootonís major advantage is being able to work in five different languages without having to download another module. You can choose between an English, French, Spanish, German or Italian interface, and can modify its language at any time.

Top Simple and efficient

The very intuitive interface is made up of three main parts:

To search, type your query and Glooton will take over. Select the search theme from a pull-down menu including Web, sport, books, auctions, MP3, etc. The results are then directly displayed in the window, and can be listed by alphabetical order, by search engine or by relevance. Queries can contain exact phrases and Boolean operators. The manual selection of sources to query is also possible. To do this, see the "Plugins" section.

Plugins contain the list of sources for a particular theme. You can modify the selection of sources to query by ticking the ones you wish to use. Obviously, the more sources there are, the longer the search takes. You can make your selection the default setting, and can always restore Glootonís preselection of search tools with the function "restore original lists". The "reload plugin" option gets you updates for the list of sources from the publisherís site. You generally obtain a compressed file of sources in ".src" format, that you must place in Glootonís plug-in* directory folder. If Glooton is running, click on "Rescan plugins folder" for the update to be taken into account. Think of updating the sources regularly because these thematic websites change very often.

"Preferences "
You can save your search with the "save last search" option.

Glooton can alert you with a beep when the search is finished. Better than that, it can check for dead links with the "search for last update" option. It is regrettable that Glooton doesnít have a search tracking module to follow the evolution of your search results.

Top Beginners and experts: itís your turn!

Glooton is an ideal metasearch engine for beginners and people who want to become familiar with this type of search tool. For advanced users, this agent is still useful because of the possibility of choosing which sources to query. Although Glooton doesnít allow users to add their own sources directly, those who are programmers at heart can develop their own plugins using the "Internet Search Interface (ISIL)" available at this address So now itís your turn to play... well, to search.

  Download Glooton
Download Glooton

* i.e put the ".src" file in C:\Program Files\Glooton\Plugins (for a Windows installation by default).

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