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Global Emailer Pro
Global Emailer Pro - rocket launch your marketing campaign
Unfortunately, this agent is no longer available on AgentLand

One of the keys to success on the Internet is getting yourself known. And the Internet is an ideal way to reach a global audience at minimum cost and, by using the appropriate tools, with minimum effort. Global Emailer Pro is one of many programs appearing on the market for collecting e-mail addresses and using them in direct marketing campaigns.

Top Collects targeted e-mail addresses

As everyone knows, this type of tool can sometimes be used to indiscriminately bombard Internet users with unsolicited junk mail - spam. But Global Emailer Pro offers extensive targeting capacities that enable it to only collect e-mails from relevant sites, in order to build highly focused marketing campaigns. It does so rapidly and efficiently, offering considerable time-savings for its user.

Global Emailer Pro is composed of two parts: Address Extractor and Global Emailer. As the name suggests, the first is dedicated to collecting e-mail addresses. It can be configured to extract addresses from specific web sites, from thematic newsgroup or from LDAP directory lists. An interesting feature is the collection of addresses from sites that appear in search results from leading search engines for a particular keyword. So if you want to communicate about say, intelligent agents, you can rapidly build a list of other people who share this passion and inform them of your Web site/idea/product. There are many options for defining how Address Extractor should collect addresses, including the depth of links to crawl, whether to extract e-mails just from internal pages or also from external pages, etc. A fearsomely effective tool, it creates targeted e-mail lists in a matter of minutes.

Top Enables responsible direct marketing

Secondly, use Global Emailer to send e-mail to the contacts previously identified by Address Extractor. There are neat features for cleaning up your lists, such as removing double entries or particular domain names etc. Mail can be sent using a local or remote server. Templates are available for informing recipients where their e-mail address was obtained, and an unsubscribe option can be included to automatically remove addresses from the e-mail list.

The trial version provides a tantalizing view of Global Emailer Pro's capacities. But it is only in the registered version that the full range of features becomes active. Global Emailer Pro makes it easy to identify and inform potential users of your product or service - this is a powerful tool to be used responsibly.

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