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Download GetRight
Download GetRight
Download smart with GetRight
If your download gets interrupted - and you know how often the connection gets broken, or your computer crashes, or you have to pop out somewhere - you'll soon be thanking GetRight. Double click on the file name, and the download resumes as if nothing had ever happened. Phew! If you're downloading big files, or even just 1 or 2 Mo, it can be a real lifesaver.

No more broken downloads!

There are times when you are happy to browse the immense digital library that the Internet contains. But sometimes you just want to get the files back to your own computer! A download manager protects you from the whims and weaknesses of the network, and GetRight has to be one of the very best of them. Broken downloads become, thankfully, a thing of the past.

GetRight doesn't just manage downloads - it makes them faster too! There are two secrets to its recipe: using mirror lists to automatically find the nearest download site to where you are, and segmenting big files into smaller chunks that are downloaded simultaneously. For once, you can approach the download speeds that your modem claims it is capable of!

Top Lots of options for customization

GetRight is highly configurable, but at the same time simple to use. Once installed, it automatically takes responsibility when you click on a download link. In Internet Explorer and Netscape, its services are accessible via a right click on any part of a Web page. The handy set-up wizard will guide you through the configuration process. Among the many nice features there is a neat information management system with a tree view of past, present and future downloads. The scheduler lets you tell GetRight when to download a file - i.e. at cheap rate/low traffic times - and it can even connect and disconnect from the network automatically. Very useful!

If you download regularly from the Internet, you shouldn't be without GetRight. It contains no adware or spyware: although it offers to install Gator, you are not obliged to accept. The shareware version is supported by advertising, but after registration the ads disappear too. Don't take any chances with your downloads, GetRight will take care of everything!

  Download GetRight
Download GetRight

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