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Enfish Onespace: tying it all together
As the computer takes an ever greater place in your personal and professional life, keeping on top of all your different types of documents is becoming more and more urgent. Enfish Onespace could be just the tool for the job.

Top A single interface for all your documents

Enfish Onespace’s objective is to be a single interface for viewing and accessing all the different types of documents that you use. This approach, which privileges document content over document format, is a real boost for people tired of having to switch between their e-mail client, Internet browser, word processor, Powerpoint etc. All these documents can be viewed side-by-side on customized pages within Enfish Onespace, and a double click launches the original application if you wish to make modifications.

At first glance, Enfish Onespace can appear frighteningly complex: but it is fairly easily tamed, and the subsequent discovery of additional features only adds to its charm. The most off-putting thing is the default page layout, which clutters up the screen with lots of windows, making them difficult to read. We preferred to use just one window, and flick between multiple tabs, each with a different customized view. To modify the page presentation, just go to Tools > Change Page Layout.

Top Customizable workspaces

Enfish Onespace presents five major workspaces: Internet, Mail, Find, Contacts and Shopping. Very close integration with various Microsoft products (Outlook, Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer…) means there is a seamless transition from Enfish to these applications, and brings together their different features such as the e-mail contact list, calendar, IE favorites etc.

The Internet option gives you direct access to your Internet Explorer Favorites, whether on the Web or saved to your hard disk. The advantage being that you can organize this information in customized pages, putting disparate types of documents side-by-side so your workspace truly resembles the way you work. There is a metamotor search feature that queries up to ten major Internet search engines. You can refine searches by keyword and save them for future use. However there is no way to automatically eliminate identical results from different engines, making part of the results redundant.

Enfish Onespace also indexes all the documents on your hard drive, and the Find module lets you search your entire computer by keyword, and filter the results by type of document, date, location or author. No longer need you rack your brain, wondering where you saved a file months ago!

Top A new way to work with your computer

Initial indexing of all documents on your hard disk drive can consume significant resources: it is probably best to let Enfish do this while you are not working on your computer. There are so many interesting features that finding out about the different options can be a little confusing at first. Also, some customization is necessary to simplify and personalize the default settings. After that, it is up to you to decide how you want to work on your computer. Enfish Onespace frees you from the constraints of having many separate applications, and by integrating information from different sources, lowers the barriers between you, your computer and the Internet.


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