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Email Hunter
You want e-mail addresses? You got them!
Unfortunately, this agent is no longer available on AgentLand

Email Hunter is part of the family of e-mail extracting agents. As its name indicates, it lets you hunt out e-mail addresses on the Internet and extract that from sites or specific Web pages. It is easy to use and simple to install.

Email Hunter, developed by the company AtomPark, can be downloaded without problem. It has a very convivial interface comprising two windows, one that is used to configure the agent and the other that displays the results.

Top Child’s play

Email Hunter The configuration window lets you seek out addresses according to two criteria: either from a URL or from a keyword search. In the first case, it consults all the site’s pages and brings back the e-mail addresses that it finds. In the second case, you just need to enter the keyword(s) you are interested in and Email Hunter scours the Web to extract addresses from all the pages containing these words. In the advanced mode, you can specify the required crawling depth (if you enter ‘0’, only the first page are investigated, if the depth is ‘1’ then the first page and all the pages that it links to will be visited, etc).

Top Results that are clearly displayed

After retrieval has begun, it can be interrupted at any time by clicking on the ‘Stop’ icon. The addresses extracted are displayed in the results window, in easily-readable format. Email Hunter allows you to save them, to delete some or all, to organize them in alphabetic order and to remove double entries. This last function is very practical following a keyword search, that can often bring back double or even triple entries. Email Hunter also lets you access all the scanned URLs in its ‘scan log’. This agent presents a number of advantages and it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

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