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eCatch gets its hands on the Web
Unfortunately, this agent is no longer available on AgentLand

eCatch is an offline browser with Web monitoring capabilities, developed by La Mine. Light and powerful, it adapts well to both simple and advanced uses.

The download of eCatch 3.0 is quite rapid (it only weighs 933 Ko) and installation is very easy. It launches automatically and has two main windows. The left one offers a presentation of eCatch and shows the jobs in progress. The right window is the agent’s integrated browser. Thanks to this feature, eCatch lets you visualise downloaded pages without having to launch a Web browser.

Top Discovering the depths

As well as selective downloading by file type and programmed downloads, eCatch enables you to specify the downloading depth. Thus, a “0” depth level will only download a site’s home page. But, be careful, the deeper the level set, the more pages there are to download.

eCatch organizes and structures the different jobs (site ripping, monitoring…) using modules called “agents”. An “agent” can contain just one URL, many addresses organized in folders, Internet Explorer Favorites or Netscape bookmarks.

Top A double agent

eCatch is not only a site ripper but can also monitor any changes in a page. With its comparison feature, eCatch detects the modifications that have taken place. This feature checks the text only and ignores HTML commands. In order to optimize this function you must already have a copy of the old page, so that you can compare it.

Some functions are limited in the free version of eCatch: number of agents, monitoring, depth, etc. The pay version offers extended options.

Although it can be a comparison tool, experienced agent users will get more out of the eCatch’s download features than the monitoring ones.


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