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Download Dynamic Submission 2000
Download Dynamic Submission 2000
Dynamic Submission 2000
Dynamic Submission 2000, submit to a maximum of search engines
Itís ready at last, your Website has just gone online. Shiny and new, youíre expecting hundreds of surfers to visit it. You wait... and wait. Well, donít wait too long: without efficient indexing, and a tool which automatically submits your site to the various search engines and directories, waiting can be a long process...
Dynamic Submission has been developed by Dynamic Software. This agent enables you to submit your Web site to thousands of sites, search engines, directories, ads, (etc.) in a few clicks.

Top Nothing will escape!

Getting a Web site indexed correctly is a crucial step in the development of any Internet project. To be well positioned in a search tool, Internet project managers must pay particular attention to the keywords and the description to be found on the site. This data is generally integrated in the Web page, and automatically indexed by the search engines. However, even if indexing is automatic, it is a good idea to be proactive and submit your site to the search tools yourself: indexing should then be quicker and more efficient. Moreover, Internet is a constantly changing world... too changeable sometimes. Search engines evolve rapidly. Some die, while others appear. For the person in charge of promoting the site, it can be difficult to keep up with the changes and make sure the site is indexed by all the existing engines. With Dynamic Submission 2000 this task becomes less complicated and time consuming. This agent helps you to increase site traffic by

submitting it to more than 1000 search engines and directories. Once downloaded and installed, you need to do a little configuration (mostly for the Internet connection). Afterwards, its database is updated: this should be done at least once a month, to be sure to get the most up-to-date information about the search tools.

Top Rapid and efficient submission

Dynamic Submissionís interface is very intuitive, despite its numerous features. After naming a project, itís possible to associate one or more Web sites to each project. Besides the name, a certain amount of information is necessary, such as: site URL(s), title, keywords, description, language, associated category, etc. This step is crucial, to ensure successful indexing: the more complete and relevant the information is, the better the ranking will be. When all the fields have been filled, all that remains is to select from a very long list those search tools that you want to index your site. Filters , both geographic and thematic, are available to help you in your choice. Thereís a convenient feature which enables you to automatically remove from the list sites intended for an adult audience.

Many other tools are available in Dynamic Submission to help you improve your siteís indexing. For instance, the "Optimizer" module carries out an audit of your site, identifying potential problems for indexing, and the "Ranking" module for tracking the siteís position in the search results.

Overall, Dynamic Submission is very efficient and it saves you a lot of time and effort when getting your Web site indexed. It will catch the eye of more than one young webmaster or experienced professional.

  Download Dynamic Submission 2000
Download Dynamic Submission 2000

NB: if meta-tags have been included in the siteís pages, a feature allows you to retrieve them automatically.

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