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DigOut4U : natural language is within botsí reach
Unfortunately, this agent is no longer available on AgentLand

Semantics for all is becoming a reality in the field of information retrieval on Internet. Now DigOut4U from Arisem enables you to search in natural language and to analyze the content of retrieved documents.

Intelligent search agents traditionally function on keyword-based research. But the French company Arisem has developed a technology based on semantics. This means that the query doesnít rely on occurrences of keywords but of concepts to be found in its knowledge base. The version 1.6 of DigOut4U allows you to find and analyze documents from Web sites, databases, newsgroups, search engines etc. by asking a question in natural language, thanks to its thesaurus and technology.

Top A knowledge base to help information researchers

Its installation is not difficult at all (you just need to enter information about the address and port, if you use a proxy server). The software starts by loading the "Genus" knowledge base, which gives intelligence to the agent. Its use is very intuitive. After you click on the only active command "start a new query", all you need to do is enter your query and select your sources. Itís ready to go, just start searching.

DigOut4U has some undeniable highlights. First, you can teach it to query an information source not contained in its base. Second, using semantics is a way to make words less ambiguous and not get sidetracked out by words with multiple meanings. Another advantage is that the agent can search for French and English documents at the same time, since its knowledge base is multilingual. Last but not least, the agent analyzes the relevance of the returned documents.

Top A very efficient searching tool

Though the enrichment of the knowledge base is not possible in the free version, the paid one offers this possibility with the Sense4U module. This feature is limited however because you canít precisely define the relations between the concepts. To use the software, which requires a lots of free memory, you sometimes have to clean URLs (with the "forbidden servers" feature) in order to reduce recurrent noise. In short, thanks to its technology and advanced features, this product is a very efficient search tool. However, the difficulty of implementing new concepts in the knowledge base will limit the search to specialized subjects.


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