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Download Copernic Summarizer
Download Copernic Summarizer
Copernic Summarizer
Copernic Summarizer: only the essential information!
So many documents that surround us in our daily lives, so little time. Letís make no mistake, time is precious whether you are at work or at home. The brand new 2.0 version of Copernic Summarizer offers a real solution by automatically summarizing any type of document. It presents you with a short resume and list of concepts contained in the document so that you can get the key information at a glance.

Top Analyzes and summarizes documents in seconds

Copernic Summarizer is an excellent tool with the astonishing capacity to analyze and summarize all or part of a document in a matter of seconds, so you do not need to spend more time reading than really necessary. So how good are the summaries? Well, they are pretty impressive. While Copernic Summarizer does not explain how it processes documents, it would appear that it selects extracts based on the frequency of occurrence of key words and concepts, weighed against their position in the document and the paragraph. In any event, the method is effective: during our tests, the summaries removed superfluous sentences to go straight to the heart of the information.

The length of the summary can be specified as a number of words or a percentage of the original text. Obviously, if you choose to summarize a 10 000 word document in 50 words, you risk missing important information. 25% of the original is the default setting, which seems to be a good compromise. In many cases, the resume is of sufficient quality to make it unnecessary to read the whole text. If you still need to do so, the document is accessible in a single click.

Easy to use, easy to export

Copernic Summarizer makes a special effort to be accessible and re-usable. It is fully integrated with Microsoft Word, the Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers, Outlook and Eudora e-mail clients and Acrobat for PDF files. Within these applications, a click on Options > Summarize will automatically launch a summary of the current document. For all other applications, summaries can be created by cutting and pasting the text in Copernic Summarizer. One amazing feature is the possibility to summarize the content of a Web page that is not even open, via a right click on any hypertext link. Very convenient for seeing at a glance if the page is worth visiting or not! Whatís more, Live Summarizer accompanies you as you surf the Web, automatically summarizing every Web page you visit in real time.

Exporting summaries could not be easier. The "Export" and "Send" buttons are prominent, and with one click you can save a documentís summary and key concepts on your hard drive in HTML, RTF or text format. Multiple summaries can be saved in the same file. It is also possible to e-mail summaries directly to friends and colleagues, as an attached file or in the body of the message.

Easy to understand and simple to use, Copernic Summarizer is a tool that is going to save you a lot of time. The 2.0 version now has a 30 day trial period so you can test it out before buying. For over-worked professionals, and home users who want to get the essential information in the blink of an eye, Copernic Summarizer is a perfect companion. As Cybelle says, "Five out of five from me! You should definitely try it and see."

  Download Copernic Summarizer
Copernic Summarizer

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