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Copernic Shopper Plus : get products in a click
For shopping addicts, always on the lookout for products at the lowest price. For those who donít have the time to go from store to store and compare prices. For lazy people who prefer staying at home, instead of shopping : Copernic Shopper Plus could bring them happiness.

Copernic Shopper Plus is a shopping agent that lets you search for products in countries such as Canada, United States, France, Germany, Great Britain. Obviously, it is possible to search in just one of these countries if you prefer. The purpose of this agent, developed by, is to help you find a product as quickly as possible and at the lowest price in the different on-line stores referenced.

Top Very efficient software...

The installation of Copernic Shopper Plus is very easy, you just need to follow the different steps, carefully. Restarting your computer is not necessary. When you launch the application, 13 categories are offered : music, movies, software, books, etc. All you have to do is click on the category you are interested in and start your search. The search criteria available are : "find prices" and "find reviews".

You want to find the best price for a CD ? Itís very easy: click on the appropriate icon and enter your criteria. It is possible to fill in just one field, but giving a complete description permits Copernic Shopper to do a more targeted search, so you donít waste time later modifying the search. Results are displayed in a table which includes the productís reference, price, distributor, and also its availability. You can organize the results by price, title, etc., making it easy to visualize the information.

Another possibility is when you have heard about a book and you want to know other readersí opinions, before you buy it. Itís very easy, you just have to click on "find reviews" and enter your keyword. A list of results is displayed, and a double click on one of the list elements opens the document in the bottom window.

Top ...that monitors for you

One of Copernic Shopper Plusís most interesting options, that you wonít find in the free (Basic) version is the option of monitoring the price and availability of a product every day, week or month and receiving notification of any price changes by e-mail. In sum, Copernic Shopper Plus is very easy to use and very convenient. It can save you time and money on tons of products available on the Internet. What more can we ask for !


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