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Download Copernic 2001 Pro
Download Copernic 2001 Pro
How to become a metasearcher in one easy lesson: Copernic Pro
If there is one search agent that doesn’t need introducing, it is Copernic, from the Canadian company of the same name. With 11 million users across the world, this software has long since won its spurs for its ease-of-use and wide range of features. What’s more, the Pro version offers a very complete selection of search tools and research themes.

After installation – which presents no particular difficulty – you can select the sources to use for information research in 15 countries: Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Brazil, India, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and Portugal.
When you have chosen between using simple or advanced mode (advanced, of course!), the type of connection and whether or not to use a proxy, the software offers four further configuration options (contextual menu, browser…). Finally, an installation window invites you to update the agent’s database of search tools.

Top Searches, more searches and yet more searches…

To launch a query, start by choosing and configuring the theme (there are more than 90 themes on offer: patents, education, genealogy, pets, etc, as well as around 1000 search engines and databases). Copernic Pro now allows you to retrieve up to 3000 documents at a time, compared to 1000 in the previous version.
Secondly, you enter the keywords. The use of Boolean operators (AND, OR, NEAR) is only possible during the ‘Refine’ stage. Like other programmes such as Webseeker, the search strategy is based on the "funnel" principle: homing in from the general to the particular. You have the choice of automating one of the advanced features (removal of double results, downloading or refining)
The presentation of results has not changed from the previous versions. The options of highlighting keywords and leaving comments on the document are just as efficient as ever. For the identification of keywords, praise should be given for having applied the highlighting feature to the full text of documents. The software also offers the possibility of previewing documents found during research. Broken links are automatically removed from the list of results.

Top If you speak English, French, Spanish…

Document processing often comes up against the language barrier. But Copernic now includes an automatic translation feature. The languages on offer are English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese. To round it off, the program can publish results in many different formats (htm, html, txt, csv, xml, dbf) and distribute them by e-mail. Copernic, thanks to its simplicity and diversity, as well as the size of its database of search tools, is still positioned as a quality information research tool that is perfect for the general public, and to a lesser extent, for Internet professionals.

  Download Copernic 2001 Pro
Download Copernic 2001 Pro

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