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Download Copernic Agent Professional
Download Copernic Agent Professional
Copernic Agent Professional : a big step forward in Web searching
Copernic Agent Professional is the successor to the popular metamotor Copernic Pro 2001, with a totally new interface. However, the novelty is not just spruced-up ergonomics, but also the new features it offers.

The Copernic Agent team has taken a big step forward by enabling users to create their own categories. It is now possible to group together search engines from different categories and query them all at the same time. For example, a search can be made simultaneously on Google, Amazon and the National Library if you wish. However, it is a shame that your own favorite search engine can still not be added to the proposed list. This option would surely have been the icing on the cake for hardened information researchers.

Top New interface, new features

Copernic Agent Professional Information management plays a greater role in this version, and your search queries can now be organized in categories and sub-categories. The new version lists 125 categories of searches divided into themes. So for example in the ‘News’ theme, we can find the search categories ‘Newspapers’, ‘Business News’, ‘News in French’ etc. Simply drag and drop your search query for easy access. Staying on the idea of information management, you can now annotate your search results. No longer do you need to juggle between a text document and the Copernic results page.

The new filter in Copernic Agent Professional lets you present search results according to many criteria, such as the score, the freshness of the information, the theme, the content of your annotations, the language, etc. Copernic Agent Professional also analyses the results. This advanced feature is useful notably for eliminating results that have identical or invalid links, for detecting the language of a Web page, for saving pages for consultation off-line, for identifying double entries and for extracting keywords from a Web page. There are three levels of analysis: minimum, intermediary and optimal.

Top A multiple option agent

Thanks to the integration of the Copernic Summarizer technology, the software extracts the key concepts from each retrieved Web page. The length of the summary is defined by the default value that you specify in the options. It supports the English, German, Spanish and French languages.
Search results can be exported in a variety of formats: HTML, text, XML, CSV or DBase.

Copernic Agent maintains the existing search query tracking feature. But a major innovation, that will be a source of pleasure for strategic watch professionals, is that the new version also makes it possible to track changes in Web pages. It can automatically monitor the content of a page at the frequency you choose, and alert you when changes are discovered. The tracking report includes a copy of the page that has been modified with the new words highlighted for easy reference. Tracking can be done on Web pages listed in search results, or on any other page. A tracker can be placed directly from the Copernic Agent tool bar within Internet Explorer. Integration with Netscape Navigator is said to be under development. Tracking reports on search queries or Web pages can be sent by e-mail to one or more recipients – a handy feature when you have to define different trackers for different profiles.

This new version will doubtless correspond to the needs of the great majority of users who want to find their way on the Web.

  Download Copernic Agent Professional
Download Copernic Agent Professional

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