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Cli-mate: the Webís frog
Unfortunately, this agent is no longer available on AgentLand

What will the weather be like tomorrow? OK, so itís not an existential question, but knowing the answer would help you plan your trips, organize yourself for the week-end or just decide what to wear the next day. Just ask Cli-mate, and it will tell you everything about the weather.

Cli-mate is an agent which tells you the weather conditions in your home town or any other city of the world and to get a 5-day-forecast. But this last feature is only available in the paid version. The installation of this agent is very easy, you could even click with your eyes shut. Itís ready, you can open them again! If your screen is dark, donít worry, it just means that your computer is restarting.

Top A weather bulletin at home...

The agent is a small interface, with no great pretensions. Among the existing options in the menu bar, "weather" is the most important one, because as you can easily guess, itís the one that lets you know the weather conditions. If you want to know what the weatherís like in the city of your choice, select "options" in "weather" then choose from a whole list of countries that appears. The agent draws on many weather information sources: Weather channel, CNN weather, National weather service, Yahoo! weather, but in the free version, only the last two sources are activated.

Another option is "Up date" which allows you to briefly display the temperature, after choosing the information source. If you want more detailed information, click on "detailed forecast" which will transfer you to the original information sourceís site.

You also have access to Alexa usersí opinions about the site, useful for getting an idea of what other people think about it.

By using the Search option you can search for information on the World Wide Web (a non-simultaneous search on a dozen search engines), a product (forwarded to ďMysimonĒ shopbot) or reference sites (dictionaries, on-line thesaurus). The shopping option suggests products (based on your navigation) on as well as a price comparison with

Top ...with satellite images as well

An amusing option is "image" which lets you see satellite or radar images of different parts of the world. You will have a weather map just for you. You can also add your own images, marvellous, isnít it?

Overall, Cli-mate is an interesting agent that allows you to get reliable information from recognized sources, but its features are somewhat limited. This agent will, in any event, be perfect for people who, come rain or shine, like talking about the weather.


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