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Download Cleaning Agent
Download Cleaning Agent
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Cleaning Agent, where cleanliness and efficiency go hand in hand
Your computer seems particularly slow. Available disk space gets smaller and smaller with each surf on the Net. Turning on your computer and seeing the damage is a trial for you? Stop! Don't take it any more. Download Cleaning Agent and teach it to tidy up your computer to perfection!

Whether browsing the Internet or installing and using all sorts of programs, many files are installed that are weigh down your computer. Cleaning Agent will help you get your computer back in shape.

Top Easy installation but advanced configuration

Cleaning AgentThe download and installation of Cleaning Agent takes place without any difficulty: there's no need to reboot your machine before launching the application. Once Cleaning Agent is running, you will need to specify the dossiers and/or files that you want to delete.

This step, which can seem long, has two main advantages: firstly it allows you to fine tune the settings and to personalize them according to your needs. Then when this has been done, Cleaning Agent is able to automatically carry out the cleaning tasks for you.

Adding files and dossiers is extremely easy: all that is required is to select them in a tree-view of your disk's contents. For each element, it is possible to select the general filtering settings or to specify more precise ones (for example, the element will be deleted if it meets (or doesn't meet, as the case may be) the criteria of date, file size, or for dossiers, the number of files contained).

Top Clean serenely

When the configuration is over, you just need to hit the 'clean' button, represented by a trash can, to set the process in motion. It couldn't be simpler!

Available for Windows and Mac, files deleted by Cleaning Agent are treated differently according to the OS. On Mac OS, they are moved to the Trash; on Windows, files are deleted definitively.

Cleaning Agent is an efficient agent that should be used with care for maximum results.

  Download Cleaning Agent
Download Cleaning Agent

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