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Download Check&Get
Download Check&Get
A Mr. Clean for your bookmarks
All experienced information researchers have a bookmark of anything from a dozen to hundreds of their favorite sites. Having an quick list of references for easy access is very handy. However, these URLs may change, and sites can disappear. When you only have a dozen links to deal with, this is not a big deal, but when the number rises, it becomes difficult to follow changes and updates on these sites. Fortunately, Check&Get takes care of the problem!

Top Adieu to dead links

Check&GetCheck&Get from Active URLs is a bookmark manager. It regularly checks for modifications in the content of your favorite sites, and verifies that they are still accessible. It can import bookmark lists from Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator and analyze each link one by one, detecting any dead links, double entries or modified pages.

To download and install Check&Get, nothing could be easier: just follow the instructions. Its simple and convivial interface recalls that of Explorer. The agent has many different features such as drag&drop bookmark management, and the possibility to monitor (automatically or manually) HTTP and FTP sites for any changes.

Top Easy and practical

Check&Get notifies you of any changes by displaying a message, playing a sound or sending an e-mail (in the registered version only). The agent indicates the date of the last modification, the date of your last visit, and allows you to add other useful information like the site description. If you want to see a particular site, the Show/Hide Preview icon displays it in an integrated window. Once your bookmark has been cleaned up and sorted, it can be re-exported to your browser. However, this feature is not included in the free version. Check&Get can appear complicated at first glance, but it is worth taking the time to get to know it better. It is practical and does a considerable amount of work for you, in order to simplify your Internet experience, which is after all the principle of the intelligent agents.

  Download Check&Get
Download Check&Get

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