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C4U : The Web watchman
Unfortunately, this agent is no longer available on AgentLand

C4U is an intelligent monitoring agent that will notify you each time there is a change in the text, images, links etc. in the designated pages.

Top Monitoring for everyone

The main point to consider when monitoring a site is the question “What to monitor?”. But you can’t avoid the question of “How to monitor?”, which implies choosing an appropriate tool. The Israeli company C4U Ltd offers netsurfers a free download - C4U - which allows you to easily set up a Web page monitoring system. C4U’s installation is rapid and does not need any user intervention. Although there is no “assistant” mode for entering the various URLs to monitor, customization is very intuitive, and doesn’t require any specific knowledge… it’s straightforward. A click on the “Add” button will open a small window with “Location” and “Name” fields, enabling you specify the name and page to monitor. Then, you can define the alert triggers: modification in the text, new images, hyper-links or email addresses. Note that It’s possible to set a minimum number of modifications before being alerted. You can also monitor keywords, using Boolean operators like “OR”, “AND”. A face icon appears during monitoring, and it smiles to indicate that changes have been made in the monitored page. You can see the alert settings and the number of changes that have occurred in the right window, while the bottom window shows the modifications on the page. In case of a keyword-based monitoring, these changes will appear in red.

Top What more can we ask for?

What more can we ask from this free agent? Experienced users might regret the lack of bookmarks monitoring, the limited programmer settings, or the inability to detect frames in some Web pages. Nevertheless, this agent will satisfy most users who want to monitor URL addresses.


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