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Download Bonzi Buddy
Download Bonzi Buddy
Bonzi Buddy: look out for the Gorilla!
Surfing the Web can rapidly become a repetitive task.Same sites, same pages.Fed up with that? Fortunately, there is a way to fight digital monotony: adopt a gorilla!Bonzi Buddy is a program that gives you the illusion of artificial life. This purple gorilla could become your true personal assistant.

Bonzi Buddy is a program that gives you the illusion of artificial life. This purple gorilla could become your true personal assistant.

Top A purple gorilla that talks and sings ?!

After downloading the program, the installation of Bonzi is straightforward, you just need to restart your computer before using it. When you turn on your computer, Bonzi Buddy swings onto the screen to welcome you and to get to know you better. For your first visit, it introduces itself and tells you what it can do. We learn that Bonzi becomes more intelligent the more you browse, finding out about your likes and interests. Your personal assistant for searching and browsing the Internet, Bonzi can also be a calendar, a downloading assistant, and compare prices. Integrated to Internet Explorer, it will handle all your file downloads, remind you of your upcoming appointments and if you are interested in a product, will offer to find the best price for it on other sites. Just like a real friend, Bonzi knows how to entertain you, by singing songs and telling you jokes and amazing facts.

Top Your personal guide to the Internet jungle

Bonzi Buddy uses MS Agent (Microsoft Agent) technology, which makes it possible to create animated 3D characters that can communicate through text or speech. Thanks to this technology, Bonzi Buddy is truly impressive, as it moves around the screen and talks in a very realistic way. The little gorilla has got lots of animations which highlight its sense of humor.

Bonzi Buddy is a pleasant tool in the freeware version, but reveals its true potential in the pay version. You can buy plug-ins that give you the possibility to control Bonzi with your voice, or to be alerted when you receive new e-mail and have your messages read out loud. Bonzi Buddy can also build up its knowledge base, for example learning new games and jokes. This cute gorilla is a good companion for beginners who want to explore the Internet in a fun way. For experienced Net users, it has a certain entertainment value but does not replace more professional tools.

  Download Bonzi Buddy
Download Bonzi Buddy

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