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Download Bejeweled
Download Bejeweled
Bejeweled: time to play?
AgentLand prides itself on offering a high quality selection of intelligent agents for carrying out useful tasks such as on-line information retrieval and monitoring. But once in a while, we all need a shot of dumb fun. And that's just what Bejeweled offers, in its own thrilling and exasperating way that will have you holding your breath to the very end of the game.

Bejeweled The principle of Bejeweled is a time-honored classic. On a board full of different-colored forms, the goal is to collect points by aligning series of three identical jewels. You play by clicking on neighboring jewels to switch their position and thus rearrange, little by little, the field of play. What makes it so addictive is the race against time: game time starts draining away as soon as you begin playing, and each point you earn adds a few precious seconds to the time-clock. Gather a lot of points in a short space of time to move on to the next level. But be warned, as you progress it just keeps getting harder!

In no time at all, you'll become an expert in spotting potential lines on the board, at developing strategies for getting the jewels to fall in the right place. And like all good games, luck plays its part too, and you'll appreciate the sweet satisfaction of an unexpected line forming, as if by magic. Bejeweled includes high-score charts, helpful hints are available during the game - for the price of a few points! - and you can save your game when you quit, and resume where you left off the next time. All in all, it's just simple, addictive fun!

  Download Bejeweled
Download Bejeweled

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