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Download Bearshare
Download Bearshare
Bearshare: The trendy bear
Bearshare is a peer-to-peer agent enabling you to freely exchange different types of files between connected computers.

Top A powerful sharing tool...

Following a very straightforward installation, the agent starts by gathering some necessary information about your type of connection, proxy server, the directories for storing temporary and downloaded files, the folders to share and lastly the types of extension to be taken into account for file sharing (.exe, .mov, .avi, .mp3, etc.). When finished, you can start downloading...well, nearly. Before that, you have to use the "hosts" tab and connect either manually or automatically to a distant server. Note that in the latter case the list of downloadable files wonít appear until the minimum number of servers has been reached ("Status = Auto"). To get searching, click on the "Search" tab and type a keyword query. Then hit the "Add" button to start the search process. The list of results is displayed in the top window with some information such as the name, size and type of file, server performance... We should mention that you canít directly select just one category of files (video, audio, etc.) except through the configuration settings. A double click on the file you want and hop, the download is running... if the server is available and if it is not saturated. To check the progress of the download, youíll get all the information you want from the "download" tab. You can also see whatís happening to your shared files in the "Upload" and "Monitor" windows.

Top ...but intended for advanced users

Bearshare is complete software whose advanced approach may put off some users. It is not very intuitive and has a lot of settings. This specificity will delight demanding Internet users, who wonít want to miss out on the configuration settings and the "Statistics" tab, a real instrument panel for all kinds of data. However, for people with a bit of perseverance, rest assured that the online help is just that: very helpful.

  Download Bearshare
Download Bearshare

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