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Download Audiogalaxy
Download Audiogalaxy
Audiogalaxy : a new swapping universe
Desperate to find the MP3 file of your favorite song? Tired of using search engines, or randomly surfing sites with little chance of success? Thinking of canceling your ISP subscription, selling off your computer? Stop!!! Try out the peer-to-peer galaxy ...

Audiogalaxy is a file sharing agent with a special place in the ever growing world of peer-to-peer systems. Developed by the company of the same name, Audiogalaxy has two modules: a website at and downloadable software called "Audiogalaxy Satellite". Both are necessary, as you canít download any music without first installing the associated software.

Top A satellite in orbit around planet MP3

Audiogalaxy Satellite is an extremely light application: as a consequence, it downloads in a flash. You can use it coupled with other software like Gator, but this is optional. After installation, you need to register with the service by filling in a form (usual fields: login, password, e-mail, country) and identify the folders on your computer containing the music you want to share. Audiogalaxyís satellite module takes up little space on the computer. The features are well defined: as well as setting bandwidth and sharing folders on the computer, Audiogalaxy Satellite above all displays past and current downloads, with the rate of transfer of the files. A well-placed "Go" button enables you to access your Audiogalaxy user homepage through the browser, directly hosted on the Audiogalaxy site.

Top Symbiosis between software and the Web site

Once connected to your personal page, itís possible to get information about the community (by searching for users by country or group, based on musical tastes and centers of interests) or else to look for and listen to music. One of the notable points of Audiogalaxy is the large community that has built up around this software: itís possible to exchange files according to centers of interest, comment on songs and build mini-communities. Itís ideal for getting together with other fans to get new ideas for downloads.

The search option in Audiogalaxy is a simple module. We can even say that it is reduced to its minimum, composed only of a text zone where you can type keywords (title of a song, album, band, etc.). After launching the query, you get a listing of results matching the search terms. To start downloading a song, you just need to click on the satellite icon by the title in the results: it is then added to your waiting list. If the person who is sharing this song is online, the download can begin, otherwise it will be launched when they come online. Once loaded, each song appears on the userís homepage from where you can listen to it (through a MP3 player already installed on the computer) or send it to another user.

Overall, Audiogalaxy is an extremely efficient and lightweight system, and in exchange users only have to install a small piece of software on their computer. The most important thing about Audiogalaxy is its thriving community. With thousands of connected users, there are plenty of MP3 files to choose from. So do you still want to auction your computer?

  Download Audiogalaxy
Download Audiogalaxy

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