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Download Atomica
Download Atomica
Atomica, encyclopaedic knowledge is within one click’s reach
Atomica is an agent which provides the information you want in a click of the mouse. From your computer or any other application, search for any term or expression and get immediate answers.

Created by the company of the same name, Atomica is easy-to-install and does not require any initial personalization to function. The only signs showing that the software has been successfully installed are an icon with the Atomica logo in the task bar and a toolbar composed of a text box on the screen. There are no spectacular changes: Atomica knows how to be discreet. Another example: the text zone called "Atomica Answer Bar", which already takes up very little space, can be reduced to a small arrow, so as not to bother users. Switching from the reduced size to the text zone takes one click.

Top An encyclopaedia is within one click’s reach

You want to know the stock quotes of Microsoft or AOL? Get to know Hillary Clinton’s biography? Get a press review with the latest news about cancer research as well as figures about the disease? Type your query and Atomica will display the appropriate information. Unlike other search agents, the results provided by Atomica are not a list of links to other sites. Atomica gives a direct answer to your request, by structuring the different information available into categories. If you type "Canada" you will get the latest Canadian news (News), a definition (Dictionary), an encyclopaedic presentation (Encyclopaedia), maps and different statistics. If you’re looking for a company, a technology or a person, the information you get will also be structured into subjects.

The results are clear and precise, for quick access to the requested information and an overview of the theme. What’s more, you can get the information with just one mouse click, through any application. Imagine that you receive an e-mail about XML and want to get more information about that language. You don’t need to leave your application: click once on the term (here "XML") while holding down the Alt key, then remove your finger. Atomica is launched automatically and brings you the available results. If Atomica doesn’t have information on the term or expression you requested, then it will automatically offer you search engine results (Google, by default).

Top Mobile intelligence

For those who are looking for accurate and relevant information anywhere, anytime, Atomica could quickly become essential. You can even take it with you when you travel, because Atomica is also available for the Palm. In one click, the information is accessible and already structured. If the information is not complete, Web links are proposed as additional sources of information. Easy to install and to use, fast, accurate and safe ... it’s hard to find reasons not to download Atomica! So, why wait any longer?

  Download Atomica
Download Atomica

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