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@nymail Ė keep track of multiple e-mail accounts
Unfortunately, this agent is no longer available on AgentLand

One of the results of lightning fast communication is the risk that if you donít keep up with the flow of information, you rapidly become submerged by it.

Top Beat information overload

@nymail is one small step towards addressing the problem of information overload, since it enables you to automatically check an unlimited number of e-mails accounts simultaneously. This means that you can be alerted as soon as new messages arrive in your different mail boxes and deal with them in real-time. You decide how often @nymail should check for new messages, and what sound, if any, it should play to announce their arrival. @nymail supports both POP3 and major web-based e-mail services such as Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail.

Easy-to-install, the key moment comes during the configuration phase, when you enter the details of your e-mail accounts. For the 90+ web-based mail services already known by @nymail, this is a straightforward process: just enter your user name and password, and the rest is done automatically. For POP3 accounts, it is necessary to know the POP3 and SMTP server addresses for successful configuration. With some HTML knowledge and a bit of common sense, it is possible to add new Web-based accounts to the utility, using the @nymail DIY toolkit.

Once your accounts are installed, you are able to visualize an accountís inbox by simply hovering the mouse over its name in @nymail. With a double click, you go directly to the inbox of your mail service, bypassing the login in procedure. However, to do any more than consult the most recent message, you will be asked for your user name and password in the usual manner. It is possible to write e-mail offline in @nymail, and then send it later with the account of your choice. Again, correctly configuring account details is a must. During the test, we encountered difficulties in sending messages with @nymail through Yahoo and Hotmail accounts.

Top Monitoring multiple e-mail accounts

A small, uncomplicated application, @nymail could be said to lack useful features such as the ability to filter messages. In fact, it does not aim to be a complete mailer like Outlook or Eudora. @nymailís goal in life is to monitor numerous e-mail accounts and alert you when new messages arrive. No more, no less. For people who have multiple accounts (for work, family, hobbies, etc.) and donít want to have to navigate from one to another to check them all, @nymail could be a useful tool to save time and effort. Without being particularly intelligent, it nicely fits the definition of an agent, doing the dull work for you, and leaving you free for the more interesting things like actually reading your messages!


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