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Download Anti-Spy
Download Anti-Spy
Anti-Spy protects against over-curious spies!
It can no longer be denied! You had a doubt, but now you are sure: someone is spying on you! Your boss, your friends, your office colleagues have been reincarnated as BigBrother! Two solutions are available: reread George Orwell’s 1984 to find out how the hero escapes his clutches, or else, a quicker option, download Anti-Spy to your computer. Budding BigBrothers won’t be able to resist!
The program Anti-Spy allows you to actively defend your private life! After downloading and installing the software, it is not necessary to reboot the computer to run the application. The first time Anti-Spy is used, it offers you the choice of different actions it can perform: do you want to delete the browsing history, cookies or temporary files from Internet Explorer? Would you like to wipe the history of the most recently consulted files and searches from the Start menu? Or delete the contents of the buffer memory? And what about the history of applications like Media Player? Many choices are available, to which you just have to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’. After making your selection, the Anti-Spy interface appears and all that is left is to press ‘start’ for your wishes to be carried out.

Top Entirely customized configuration.

Anti-Spy The agent’s interface is very straightforward. Before starting, the software should be configured. You can simplify this process by selecting the ‘wizard’, that helps you by asking a series of yes/no questions, the same ones that are asked when you first run the software.

It is also possible to configure Anti-Spy via the ‘settings’ menu. It is up to you to specify what you want to clean on your machine: your browsers, your operating systems, your communication tools (e-mail and instant messaging). Anti-Spy works with three browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Opera. In each case, the cookies, temporary files and browsing history can be deleted. One of Anti-Spy’s major attractions is the possibility of not deleting certain cookies or files that you wish to keep – a very useful feature. Equally, Anti-Spy handles many communication tools: Outlook Express, Netscape messenger et AOL messenger.

In this way, you can fine-tune the software’s settings before it deletes files. Once the ‘start’ command has been given, the main screen displays in real time the list of files that are being deleted. You can intervene at any time to interrupt the process by pressing the ‘stop’ button.

In short, this software provides a very simple and effective means of making sure that no overly sensitive or private files are left on your computer. With Anti-Spy, you are certain that it is not possible for anyone to retrace the path of the sites that you have visited, the programs you have used, the documents you have modified, etc. It is your guaranty of better protection of your private life.
  Download Anti-Spy
Download Anti-Spy

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