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Download AntiPopUp
Pop-ups can get you down!
Ah, pop-ups! Boring, annoying, sometimes useless and resource-hungry. Some Web sites have very rich content but are significantly penalized by these "wild" windows. By deciding to leave one of these sites, there is a risk of missing out on very interesting information. What about installing an anti-pop-up? Yes, but not one that takes up just as much of your time!

It's true that the life of a Web site is determined by its revenue: advertising, sales, partnerships etc. Except maybe for personal sites or simple display sites. But that does not justify the massive attack of pop-up windows while you are browsing. One, or maybe two windows could be acceptable, as long as their content is not a strain on your eyes. But four or five pop-ups at once is a real invasion.

Here is a discreet anti-pop-up, that anyone can use: AntiPopUp. Its full name is AntiPopUp for Internet Explorer (IE). No doubt then that this agent is intended for users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. After downloading the software, it is automatically activated in the system tray (on the bottom right of your screen). Don't be surprised to see the pop-ups suddenly disappear

Top Pop-ups? Don't even think about them any more!

The interface is available in five different languages: English, French, Swedish, Russian and German. You can switch from one to another freely. To temporarily deactivate the detection and removal of pop-ups, you just need to hold down the 'CTRL' key.

AntiPopUp's major advantage is that unlike many similar programs, it is not necessary to declare each pop-up to close in a list. Also, it does not close every new window as soon as it appears. It uses an intelligent identification motor to recognize sponsors' windows and closes them automatically. If you still want to define a list of windows to accept or to refuse, you can create your own "Allow It list" and "Close It list".

The icing on the cake, as this agent is only a 500Ko file, is AntiPopUp's inclusion of a feature for cleaning up your browser's cache, your cookies, temporary files etc. Practical, don't you think?
  Download AntiPopUp
Download AntiPopUp

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