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Download Alligator
Download Alligator
Alligator: your downloading companion
Alligator is a download manager that makes it easier for you to retrieve the Internet files that you want.

Top A simple, efficient and trusty tool

After accepting the terms of the contract, a window opens which indicates that spyware is not used and ad messages are not displayed with this software. The installation finishes once you have given the agent information about whether you use a proxy and the creation of different shortcut icons (desktop, contextual menu...).

What is most striking when you first launch the software is its sobriety. The graphic interface is simple, but very intuitive. The software seems to be waiting for just one thing, your first download. Before starting to download, professional curiosity makes us judge the agentís capacities. The "options" menu is the ideal way to do that. Immediately, you see that there are a lot of possibilities. For example, you can set up an antivirus to make downloads safer, program the task planner, identify the agent as an Internet browser etc. Itís possible to download a plug-in to have the interface in any language. This was our first download with the software. When the file to download has been selected, you just have to click on the "Start" button to begin. A task bar allows you to follow the progress of the download, that you can stop and restart at any moment. When the operation is over you are alerted by a sound.

A good solution for connection problems

Alligator is good news for anyone who loves downloading from the Internet, especially if they have a dial-up modem connection. Finished the time when traffic problems would get on the nerves by continually causing the connection to break off during downloads. No longer need you be the poor cousins of users with a broadband connection, with Alligator to protect and manage your downloads.

  Download Alligator
Download Alligator

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