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Download All Cleaner
Download All Cleaner
All Cleaner
All Cleaner, cleans up the Net
You know that when you work on your computer, you leave visible tracks of your activities. Not only would you sometimes prefer not to display them for anyone to see, but you may also want to free up the disk space that they consume. So don't wait any longer: call in All Cleaner!

All Cleaner is the total application: this simple but efficient program is a good example of the “kill them all and start again” approach. All Cleaner has no pity for the temporary or hidden files that can be found on your hard disk.

Top Easy installation and configuration

Once the software has been downloaded, the installation of All Cleaner is very rapid. It is not necessary to reboot your computer. The program is immediately available to execute your instructions. Two possibilities are on offer: standard or personalized cleaning.

Standard cleaning gives you the choice between many options, and can be used to clean: the Windows search history, the temporary files folder, the trashcan, the Office programmes history, Internet Explorer (including cookies, cache, downloaded program files, address bar etc), the temporary ScanDisk files etc.

Personalized cleaning lets you specify yourself which folders and/or files on your computer you wish to clean up. Practically, this module enables you to choose between the files on your hard disk and those in the Windows registry. The selection can be made once and for all and then saved for later reuse.

Top Fearsomely effective

Options are available that allow you to configure the software to run automatically when Windows is launched, to carry out (or not) personalized cleaning, to shut down when it has finished, etc.

Easy to configure and use, All Cleaner is provided with skins that let you change the way it looks at will. So All Cleaner gives you the guarantee that your private affairs remain a secret and that you hard disk remains unpolluted by undesirable files. Keep it just a click away!

  Download All Cleaner
Download All Cleaner

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