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Download AimingClick
Download AimingClick

AimingClick: information is one click away
How can you obtain a definition, a encyclopaedic article or other key information with just one click of the mouse? AimingClick could be what you’re looking for, because it gives you direct access to multiple information sources.

Top An eclectic selection of resources

AimingClick AimingClick is an information retrieval agent for the Web, developed by AimingTech. It is very easy to download and use. After installation, it is discreetly placed in the task bar. To access the program’s interface, double-click on the icon or select ‘open search box’ from the contextual menu.

The interface is simplicity itself, consisting of a search box and a list of search engines (Google, AltaVista…), dictionaries (Cambridge Online Dictionary, Word reference…), encyclopedia (Webopedia, MSN Encarta…) and information sites (BBC News, CNN…).

With the help of this agent, you will be able to find a definition, translation or any other information about a word. Just highlight the word in any Windows application, hit the short-cut keys and choose from the list of search sites that appear in a pop-up window. CTRL+F1 opens the interface and shows the list of available information sources. CTRL+F2 carries out the search on your preferred source, with Google being the default selection. Once the search has been launched, the results are displayed in a new browser window.

Top Easy and practical

A right click on the AimingClick icon gives access to the agent’s options, that are presented in two parts. The ‘General’ tab lets you change the keyboard short-cuts. The ‘Sites’ tab allows you to add a new information source, to edit and select existing sources and to change the default preferences. The list of sites can be modified at any time, by checking or unchecking those that interest you.

The user’s guide will help you master all the intricacies of AimingClick, but its simplicity should mean that you won’t need long to fully get to grips with this agent.

  Download AimingClick
Download AimingClick

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