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Download AgentWebRanking
AgentWebRanking: know where you stand with the search engines
Agentwebranking is a very useful tool for anyone who is interested in monitoring their Web site’s ranking – or those of competitors – in the leading search engines. It gives you the big picture of just how visible your Web site is.

Its two versions – Professional and Lite – mean that Agentwebranking has something for everyone. All the key features for checking your search engine rankings are present in both versions. The main difference – an important one – is that the Professional version allows users to save and export their search profiles and reports, and to see the evolution of their ranking over time.

The first time you use Agentwebranking, a complete list of search engine definitions is downloaded. Whenever a search engine changes the way it presents its results, you are automatically alerted by the company’s Search Engine Research Centre, so the software is always up to date..

Top Logical and simple to use

To use this agent, just follow a series of logical steps, that are clearly explained in a neat on-line tutorial – recommended reading! Start a new search with the File -> New -> Search menu. After giving a name to your search, specify the URL(s) of your site(s), and the keyword(s) that you want to test. Agentwebranking puts the packet here – you can use an unlimited number of URLs and keywords in both versions!
Then choose in which search tools you want to check your rankings. There is an excellent selection including the major search engines (Google, AltaVista etc) as well as rising stars like Teoma and WiseNut. Extra lists of language-specific search tools for 11 languages are also available for focused searching. Although it is not possible to add you own search engines to the list, all the best-known search tools are available. Your choice of search engines can be saved and reused in other searches at a later date. Decide how many search engine results pages you want Agentwebranking to scan – between 1 and 50! – then set the agent to work! If you are using the Professional version, this is a good time to save your search profile so you can repeat it easily the next time.

Top Presents clear, actionable information

The information is organized in a very clear manner in the Reports. You have the choice of presenting results by search engine, keyword or URL, so you see at a glance if your site is present on the first page of search engine results, on a different page or not at all. Agentwebranking tells you exactly which page is referenced by the search engine and in which position. Now you can see the work you have ahead of you to optimize your pages and make it into the Top 10 results! The Professional version allows you to save these reports (in .htm format) and e-mail them to clients and colleagues. What’s more, Agentwebranking can compare previous reports, and track the evolution of your site(s) over a period of time. Agentwebranking is already used by a large number of Web agencies and webmasters, and it’s easy to see why. The Lite version is available as freeware, and the Professional version has a free evaluation period of 30 days. To help attain your objective of reaching as many people as possible through the Internet, Agentwebranking is an excellent tool that will bring you fast and reliable information about how your site(s) rank in search engine results.
  Download Agentwebranking
Download AgentWebRanking

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