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An essential tool for auditing your Web site’s ranking in the leading international and European search engines, AgentWebRanking enables you to automatically compare the visibility of your web sites with those of your competitors.
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Ad-aware is a leading spyware removal utility that scans your memory, registry and hard drives for known advertising systems and spyware and lets you remove them safely. Ad-aware Plus also includes Ad-watch, a realtime spyware-monitor watching... [>>] Ad-Aware
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Spy Remover is an Ad-ware and Spyware removal utility designed for all Windows platforms with multi-language support. [>>] Spy remover
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AgentWebRanking: know where you stand with the search engines
Agentwebranking is a very useful tool for anyone who is interested in monitoring their Web site’s ranking – or those of competitors – in the leading search engines. It gives you the big picture of just how visible your Web site is. [>>]
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Special Reports
SpyBots / AntiSpy A special report on SpyBots and Anti-Spyware. What does this software do? What can it be used for? How does it work? How should you use it? Read the software reviews, keep in touch with the latest news and discover the most popular downloads. [>>]
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1 - Kazaa
2 - Spector Pro
3 - Copernic Agent
4 - Tahni
5 - Perfect Keylogger
6 - Window Washer
7 - Website Watcher
8 - Spybuddy
9 - PopUp Sweeper
10 - NETObserve

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