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How can Softwrap help software developers?


1. Complete solution:
Softwrap is a complete web and CD-based distribution and e-commerce solution, providing a comprehensive suite of seamless, secure, Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) services. The most recent release of your complete application can be used as a fully functional product for the trial period you have chosen. With Softwrap, no additional download will be required for your customers to buy the software. Softwrap automatically includes encryption & anti-piracy, trial period (by time, number of uses and/or functionality), price settings, fraud control and security, automated purchasing, P2P compatibility and auto-upgrading of your products. "Send-to-a-friend" functionality and multi-currency capabilities are also included.

Recent developments include dynamic upgrade and cross-selling capabilities which find previous purchases of Softwrapped Software, so that authors can offer their customers the best upgrade/cross-sell available. This upgrade includes three options: Standard, Discounted or Free.

Additional features of the software allow multi-user purchasing, which will enable end–users to buy more than one licence/software application at a time. It also includes the ability to legally store a second copy of the software on your personal computer or to easily transfer the application to any machine. (This can be done online or offline via the 24/7 customer support desk).

2. Money in the bank:
Softwrap™ manages the distribution, sale and revenue collection of the Softwrapped software. As long as the product generates sales, the money will arrive in the author's account every month. As part of this process, your Softwrapped software is tightly integrated into the transaction processing services we provide. The moment your customers decide to purchase your product, buying it is a click or toll-free phone call away. We provide: Merchant Account Aquiring, Credit Card Transaction and Verification, Fraud Control, Clearing and Multi-currency Payments. Alternative transaction processing solutions may also be integrated within our technology if required.

3. Before and After-sales servicing:
Once your Softwrapped software has been installed by trial users, our customer support team goes to work for you. An efficient call centre translates into more sales of your product, which is why we offer a 24/7 multi-lingual toll-free call center, email support and real-time online account reporting.

4. Sales, Marketing and distribution assistance:
Softwrap will help to globally distribute your Softwrapped software for inclusion on CD/DVD-ROM cover mounts in as many as 100 possible computer software magazines with a combined total in excess of 10 million readers per month. In addition, we have relationships with many web portals and OEM partners that create new opportunities for each of our partner clients. In addition, global marketing, public relations and promotional assistance is provided if you would like it, giving you immediate entry into your market.

5. Tracking and Optimising Sales:
Your unique Softwrap Software codes allow you to track sales, as well as collect customer demographics, in real-time. With this crucial market information, you will be able to optimise your sales strategy. Since Softwrap does not require exclusivity, you are able to compare any other channel that may be available to you and you can monitor your customer acquisition costs and conversion rates.

We provide continuous monitoring services even after your product has been downloaded. This ensures that payments are collected when your software is used beyond it's trial period and that it is not being misused when copied in the encrypted trial format. We monitor for chargebacks, fraud and hack attempts.

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