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Agentland provides a comprehensive 100% virus-free customer assurance guarantee including :

1. Credit Card Protection - Customers are protected from credit card fraud, and they do not pay any unauthorized charges as a result of shopping with us.

2. Virus Protection - Every digital download from us will be 100% virus-free, or we will replace all their infected software for free.

3. Data Encryption - Customers are guaranteed that all the information they provide us while shopping online is encrypted so that no one can access or use their personal information in an unauthorized manner.

We respect the privacy of our partners, clients and their customers. All information collected from the Agentland site is held with the highest level of confidentiality and privacy, using advanced DSS security measures. Agentland will never rent or sell customer and client information to third parties. Customers who buy through the Agentland website are shopping on a secure server, which encrypts all of the customer's personal information including name, address and credit card number. Encryption ensures that no one can access or use personal information in an unauthorized manner.

The DSS e-commerce system was developed with security as it's number one priority, and it is designed so that there is no direct access to the commerce database, because all transactions are controlled through a single entry point. In essence, the DSS is a gatekeeper which controls the flow of information between the commerce database and the end-user. This single entry point allows DSS to maintain the tightest access control - eliminating (rather than closing) the backdoor entry.

Agentland has made an investment in protecting our clients' and customers' information:

1. We use a firewall which only allows authenticated access, and it prevents certain types of traffic from entering the private network. Customizing the firewall according to the network topology is essential to having a useful firewall protection mechanism.

2. We use SSL (Secure Socket Layers) because we accept sensitive information from end-users such as passwords and credit card numbers. This logic encrypts the data being sent to the server from the browser using high-level encryption technology. Once the data is received from customers on the Digital River Network, it may be required that the data be maintained for a certain period of time inside our private network. Encrypting the data means it cannot be viewed in plain text. "Cookies" are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive. Agentland's cookies are used only to identify the customer, not to identify any specific customer traits. This allows us to maintain consistency in the shopping basket and enable a more pleasant shopping experience.

3. When ordering from the Agentland site, we must collect the purchaser's name, email address, mailing address, credit card number, and expiration date. This allows us to process and fulfill orders and provide notification of the order status. When entering a contest, sweepstakes or other promotional feature, we may ask for the entrant's name, address and email address in order to administer the contest and notify winners.

Agentland may use the information we collect to notify our partners' customers about important functionality changes to the web site, products, or special offers. For any customer who does not want to receive this information, we have made it very easy to stop further notification. At Agentland, we believe in permission-based, email marketing. This is why:

1. every order placed on a commerce site within the our provides the customer with the opportunity to notify us whether or not they would like to receive future information, special offers, and communications via email.

2. every email served on behalf of our clients contains an opportunity for the customer to decline future communications.

3. client-specific and network-wide suppression files are maintained to ensure that only those customers interested in receiving communications do so.

Agentland site uses the e-commerce transaction and escrow services of Digital River is one of the most trusted names in e-commerce and web-based technology. Agentland welcomes your questions and comments about privacy. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please send an email to

Customer service clause:
Agentland is committed to providing each and every customer with the highest level of customer service available. We are utilizing one of the industry's best customer service technologies, which includes more than a $1-million invested in a Fujitsu phone system and Kana Communications e-mail management system, with skills-based routing to representatives who are trained in specific areas. As a result, phone queues average less than 23 seconds during ordinary service periods and less than one minute during peak periods. E-mail response time averages about 54 minutes per message, a service level that puts us in the lead when it comes to digital product delivery on the Internet.

Our 60 phone representatives run a smooth 24/7 operation. Call abandon rates are less than 0.5%. And 91% of customers would buy through the DSS network again. So, you can contact us at for basic information, or for technical and downloading information, e-mail, or call any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 1-800-656-5426.

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