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File of the month:Job hunting
How to optimize job hunting with

Recent studies have shown that the potential of the Internet is not being fully utilized by candidates when looking for a new job.
In the United States, 40% of recruitment is done on-line although a large majority of job-hunters see the Internet as an important vector for their research, but still prefer traditional supports (press, agencies, recruitment consultants).

On the Internet, large amounts of more or less relevant information are easily available. It is essential to be highly organized in order to optimize the job-hunting process.

Thanks to very efficient tools for collecting information, Internet users can now get much more information about the sector or company that they are targeting, and about the person that they are scheduled to meet for interview.
Internet's international dimension also offers the possibility of monitoring recruitment sites in other countries, for those who are seeking to expand their horizons.
Bringing together all this information helps the job-hunter to pick up useful advice, to better target interesting companies, and to validate their professional project.

The portal offers the Internet user a selection of easy-to-use technology tools that are vital for optimal job-hunting on the Internet.

This type of software can monitor a specific page or entire Web sites, and sends out an alert as soon as a change is made to their content. It helps to ensure that the user is reactive to new information.
Website-Watcher Personal monitors changes and updates on an unlimited number of sites, a guaranteed time-saver.
TimelyWeb is an application that detects modifications in the Web pages and FTP servers that you have placed under surveillance. It is possible to automatically download the modified page, and receive alerts by e-mail or SMS.
Novobot is an intelligent monitoring agent. Once the search has been carried out, the results are displayed clearly as a list of titles.

Effective referencing in the leading search engines means that your personal Web site, presenting your resume and personal history, will more visible to employers looking to recruit.
SubmitWolf Pro   makes it easy to promote a Web site quickly and automatically. Its database contains 3500 search engines, links sites and professional directories. Il can automatically submit a site to more than 1500 search engines.
Addace is a Web site promotion tool that helps you submit your URL to search engines, checks the rank of your Web site on search engines and includes other features to help you promote your Web site

They enable you to make a local copy of all or part of a Web site, according to your centers of interest: a professional sector, targeted companies, knowing more about the person with who you are in contact.
Grab-a-Site is an offline browser that combines speed, stability and powerful filtering features.
Visual Web Task you can teach this agent how to negotiate its way through access gates (logins, proxies, secure pages…) in order to download and extract only the information that you need: files, e-mails, results pages…
Offline Commander helps you to download, organize, browse and search among Web page or entire Web sites.

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