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File of the month: Child protection accompanies parents in the intelligent use of the Internet

To widen and complete their children's education, parents can now call on intelligent agent technologies, available on, to retrieve information from the Internet.

Too often, we tend to forget the Internet's peerless informational and cultural potential, because the public image of this media has been stained by the doubtful ethics of certain Web sites.
Fortunately, thanks to technology, Internet use by and on behalf of children can now be better protected and more efficient. Technological advances have made it possible to get assistance in the search for relevant information, without taking the slightest risk.

The portal has for more than two years offered a selection of software, better known as intelligent agents, that facilitate intelligent and optimal use of the Internet. A large number of intelligent agents have applications within the family household.

The filtering agents: this software guarantees a risk-free surf, once a thematic list of unsuitable sites has been prepared. They also make it possible to limit the time spent browsing or playing on the computer.
Filtering agents
WebWhacker Education Edition It is a good tool for parents who wish to protect their children from inappropriate content. Parents can create directories of approved sites and thus have total control over the content of the Web sites being consulted by their children.
Net Nanny It monitors Web sites, e-mail messages, instant messengers, newsgroups and local applications. It is entirely customizable and allows parents to fully control the way in which their computer is used.

The spybots: from any computer, parents who are away from home can monitor everything that is being done on the family computer. Nothing escapes the curiosity of these agents that enforce correct use of the computer: the attachments received, the chatrooms visited by children, etc…
Perfect Keylogger  Enables surveillance of your children's computer activities.
ISpyNow Allows users to remotely install the application and to see a record of computer use, from wherever they are.
Spector Pro With four separate tools for making recordings, Spector Pro is one of the fastest and easiest tools for monitoring and recording Internet activity.

Price comparison services for cultural products: buy books, DVDs, CDs and videos at cheaper prices.
Price comparison
Aristocart  is your personal shopping assistant. It automatically compares the prices of selected articles in order to find the best deal.

Software specialized in grabbing images and information research: that can extend your children's knowledge in precise areas, thanks to thematic searching.
Grabbing software
Grab-a-Site  It is an offline Web site browser that combines speed, stability and advanced filtering features.
Offline Commander  It helps you download, organize, browse and search among Web pages or entire Web sites.
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