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Agentland has been chosen from many excellent Artificial Intelligence sites to be the "Best of the Net" on
"Excellent new site offering a wealth of information on intelligent agents and related topics."
Best of the Net Awards
Scout Report
The Internet Scout Project has selected for inclusion in the Scout Report (May 4, 2001), a weekly current awareness publication that highlights new and newly discovered Internet resources:
"This site is a handy portal to intelligent agents, software tools that automatically perform a variety of tasks on the Internet. While the _Scout Report_ has reviewed a number of search agents in the past, this is the first agent portal we have come across. At the site, users can learn about agents and the tasks they perform, browse a comprehensive directory of agents resources, and choose from over 500 downloadable agents. Other resources include a free weekly newsletter, a forum, and information on customizing agents. [MD] "
Scout Report Selection
AgentLand has been nominated by 01Net as "BEST OF THE WEB 2001":
"Intelligent agents are finally presented in an attractive way on AgentLand"
Open Directory
AgentLand has been designated a Cool Site in the Netscape Open Directory Open Directory
AgentLand has been selected as one of n/e/tsurf's favorite 10 websites of 2001
"To learn all about intelligent agents and talk with the Web's smartest chatterbot, Cybelle"
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