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November 2002. News and Events
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Handheld translators that talk a new tool for U.S. soldiers in faraway lands

If U.S. troops soon storm into Iraq, they'll be counting on computerized language translators to help with everything from interrogating prisoners to locating chemical weapons caches. Besides converting orders like ''put your hands up'' into spoken Arabic or Kurdish, military officials hope to enable quick translations of time-sensitive intelligence from some of the world's most difficult tongues normally a painstaking task. "'The faster you can translate things the better," said Loch Johnson, a University of Georgia political science professor and former congressional and White House intelligence staffer.

Launch of Copernic Agent

With completely new architecture and a redesigned user interface, Copernic Agent lets users search, manage, analyze and track information on the Web. "Copernic Agent was designed with the express purpose of integrating the range of Web searching initiatives into a powerful and robust easy-to-use solution," stated Martin Bouchard, President and CEO of Copernic.

The Shape of Bots to Come

Self-reconfiguring robots have to morph into different shapes to best fit the terrain, environment and task. "An assembly line robot will not make a good Mars rover," said Daniela Rus, associate professor of Computer Science and Cognitive Neuroscience at Dartmouth College. "A robot designed for a single purpose may perform a task well, but it will perform poorly on a different task, in a different.


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