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May 2002. News and Events -Week 5-
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Talk on a cell phone without speaking!

NTT DoCoMo's research and development center has taken the first step towards development of a technology that will allow people to talk on the phone without saying a word. Engineers are developing a sensor, which detects signals coming from the muscle movements in the cheek and jaw made when people speak. The company hopes to complete the development in five years, says Mariko Wada, a spokesperson for NTT DoCoMo in Tokyo.

First International Semantic Web Conference

The 1st International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2002) will be held on June 9-12, 2002 in Sardinia, Italy. It will be a major international forum at which research on all aspects of the Semantic Web will be presented. Topics of interest include: searching the Semantic Web, use of Semantic Web languages and XML/RDF Infrastructure, visual modeling of Semantic Webs, Semantic Web for e-learning and e-science, etc.

Sony shows new, cheaper AIBO

As part of the celebration to commemorate the third anniversary of the first AIBO Entertainment Robot, Sony has introduced a new robot: the AIBO ERS-31L.
The new AIBO's look will be similar to that of a bulldog or pug, with a strong family resemblance to other members of the LM series. The ERS-31L will also include features such as photo-taking capabilities, a 75-word vocabulary, interactive and expressive sensors, and more than 200 new behaviors.

Mini Motty: your personal football commentator

Mini Motty is a desktop commentator that allows you to follow live football scores and news. He will update you throughout the day or night with the latest from the World Cup, and continue to keep you in touch with football during the next season.

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