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May 2002. News and Events -Week 4-
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Mgonz: an aggressive chatterbot!

MGonz, an Eliza-based chatterbot written by Mark Humphrys of Dublin City University, first went live on-line in 1989. Dr. Humphrys says that "the success of [his] MGonz is mainly due to its obscenity and relentless aggression". Since then, the program has been rewritten by Dave O'Connor, who has made it available on-line once more.

Researchers develop 'sociable' robots

Researchers in the Irish Republic are looking at ways of making robots more lifelike, to make it easier for people to interact with them. Their prototype, called Anthropos, is designed to overcome the barriers between robots and humans. The aim of the project is to use artificial intelligence to create a robot that is friendly and sociable, so that people forget they are talking to a machine.

WebWhacker: new version, new features

Bluesquirrel has released a new version of its off-line browser WebWhacker. You can now drag favorites or URLs to WebWhacker to save them permanantly. A new search tool has been also added. WebWhacker monitors Web sites for changes and updates you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. WebWhacker is not just any site retrieval tool. This new version is available for free trial on Agentland.

RankMeter: is your site well ranked?

RankMeter is software designed to identify the position of your Web sites in search engines. It works with 336 search engines from 37 countries. RankMeter supports two modes of operation: you can find out the position of one site using several sets of search phrases or you can find out positions of several sites using one search phrase

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