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May 2002. News and Events -Week 3-
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NETObserve is your all in one solution to monitoring spouses, co-workers, children, employees and just about any other person that is using your PC! NETObserve monitors not only what is going on within your PC, but it can also record what is going on in front of your PC, through the use of a breakthrough web cam surveillance technology!

US family gets health implants

US doctors have implanted chips into the arms of a Florida family containing their medical histories in a controversial new programme that doctors hope may one day become standard practice. The chips could also be used to contain personal information and even a global positioning device which could track a person's whereabouts, leading to fears the chip could be used for more sinister purposes.

The Sleuthhound: personal search engine

Do you ever have trouble remembering where you saved that particular document on your computer? The Sleuthhound will seek it out for you! The Sleuthhound is a personal search engine for your hard disk, giving you instant access to all your documents. Enter a keyword, and the results are displayed in your browser. Your information is now only one click away!

Personality Forge: create your own chatterbot!

Personality Forge is an Artificial Intelligence Community where users can create AI Personalities called Bots who independently exist, chatting with real people and other Bots, making friends and memories. With the easy-to-use interface and guide, build the brain of your own chatterbot, program its emotions and reactions. Chat to other members of the community, and use the forums to share tips on how to improve your bots!

BrowserLock: the combination of an Internet portal and a Web filter

BrowserLock is a next-generation combination of a personal Internet portal and Web access filter. With BrowserLock, you can create personal maps for users to navigate the Internet that only you, the password holder, can modify. And you can be confident that access will be blocked to any web-site not on these lists.

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