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March 2002. News and Events
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Artificial Intelligence Software to Work on Broadband TV Set-Top Box

A team of computer scientists at BIAP Systems, a provider of intelligent software for multiple computing devices, has successfully embedded artificial-intelligence-based software on broadband television set-top boxes. The embedding of BIAP software on current generation digital set-top boxes marks the first time that a software application based on intelligent agents and artificial intelligence has been made to run on a set-top.
"The significance of this achievement is that we can now do some amazing things without additional hardware," said Aaron Ye, chief technology officer, BIAP.

A watch that tells you the way to the nearest pub

Two beer-loving British inventors have come up with a watch-sized computer that straps onto your wrist and tells you the way to the nearest pub. The device, called eSleeve, uses GPS technology to pinpoint your location and then lists the four nearest pubs on a small screen. Users must simply inquire, "Where's the boozer?" to activate the process. After choosing which pub you want to visit, the eSleeve displays street directions for getting there. "It works perfectly, but might have trouble recognizing your voice after one too many pints," says inventor Cliff Randell.

Space Medicine Gets Smart

Smart medical devices that help astronauts handle emergencies such as electrical burns will become part of the International Space Station perhaps as early as next month. Further down the road, astronauts in trouble may also rely on "virtual clinics" on earth for in-depth medical assistance. These technologies, could also be used to help people on the ground in isolated places with no doctor nearby.

Science Meet to Set Weather Robot Release

Scientists met in Australia to launch the next wave in a global climate-alert system by seeding the southern seas with thousands of floating hi-tech robots. Within the next four years, 3,000 free-floating ocean robots will be deployed in oceans around the world, most of them in the southern hemisphere. "We have to cover the globe," Stan Wilson, director of International Ocean Programs for the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said.

Drink-drive 'safety device' developed

An in-car device that checks motorists' line of vision has been developed to help prevent drink-driving. The device has been developed from research into the brain's role in guiding movement. It is designed to judge whether drivers have had too much to drink and should be allowed to drive. Its creator, Dr Dilwyn Marple-Horvat of Bristol University, UK, says it has the potential to be installed in cars within a year.

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