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March 2002. News and Events
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Digital characters 'talk' to the deaf

Using digital avatars as signing translators could significantly expand the ways deaf and hard of hearing people communicate with the hearing world. With a computer screen displaying the signing avatar, a deaf or hard of hearing person can communicate with a postal worker and complete their transactions.

Robo-Scribe: Perfect for War?

A robot, a brainchild of computer engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Computing Culture Department, is going to cover the war in Afghanistan. The robot comes equipped with all the gadgets needed to conduct interviews and rout out the latest news story. The robot comes with a digital video camera able to shoot in a wide range of lighting conditions. It also has digital audio recording capabilities and an intercom system for remote interviews. The robot's creators see a main advantage to their creation saying it has the potential to go where journalists are not allowed - especially, during a war period -.

Morpheus is back

After a technical breakdown that lasted a week, the Morpheus file-sharing system is available again, a relief for the fans! Morpheus is back with a new edition of the software (still a preview) that frees it from the FastTrack platform (used by KaZaA and Grokster), to be now replaced by the Gnutella network. In this new version, Morpheus extends its search to the Web, in order to get more result to a request.

SmartExplorer, the pop-up slayer

Tired of wasting time waiting for web pages to load? Are annoying pop-up ads using all your bandwidth? Smart Explorer is the fast, smart, and secure Internet browser. Smart Explorer kills popup ads, filters multimedia downloads, has multiple web browsing windows, and integrates the top search engines, allowing for searches of multiple sites at once.

Find thousands of pics in one click

Looking for free Movie Trailers, funny Movie Clips, Wallpaper, great 3D Images, Pictures or cool Backgrounds? PICgrabber will find them on the Internet for you! Just choose your search topic and press start... while PICgrabber is searching the web through Altavista, Yahoo, Hotbot, Excite, etc. you can look at the downloaded images and movies using the included Mediaviewer. It's so Easy !

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