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June 2002. News and Events -Week 2-
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A robot soccer team

Scientists believe that advances in computing technology and artificial intelligence are well on the way to delivering a team of humanoid robots capable of beating the human world football champions. It sounds like a football manager's dream: players that run all day, demand no wages and have zero interest in nightclubbing or blonde models. "We are dreaming of such a scenario," says Jong-Hwan Kim, founder and president of Fira, one of the two main global organisations dedicated to robot football.

SpyCop Home Edition

Is your boss spying on you? Has a hacker secretly slipped a spy program into your PC? SpyCop Scans your computer for Spyware Programs and detects any unusual activities withing your windows registry. SpyCop can find over 270 spy programs. It will detect the spy, tell you when it was installed, and optionally disable it! It's your privacy!


SeaWar: TheBattles looks like a beautiful toy and makes you want to play again and again. Fine tuned ships sway among smoothly moving sea waves. Outbursts on the left, ahead and suddenly a bright explosion in the middle of the ship. A puff of smoke and there's the dead ship-frame at the end - it's the greatest!

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