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June 2002. News and Events -Week 1-
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Stock Tracker Wireless

Keep track of the markets and of your own portfolio with your Pocket PC. You can now be up to date on the stock market's performance and monitor the stocks you own. This software may help you be in touch with your assets.

Multi-pic search: thousand of images just a click away

Internet makes it possible to find thousands of pictures on many websites. You want to download these pictures quickly and conveniently. Let Multi-PicSearch do the job rapidly and automatically for you. Multi-PicSearch will access and analyse the websites you specified for images (such as GIF, JPEG), and download them rapidly for you. When this is done, you can process these pictures at your own convenience.

Ad Banner and URL Filter for Internet Explorer

Ad Banner and URL Filter is a plugin for Internet Explorer. It is completely built into the IE browser and works in the background, unnoticed by any user (e.g., children, employees, etc.).Thus, you can shelter children from a huge amount of sites which show explicit nudity, violence, and any other material that you deem offensive. You can also prohibit employees from visiting those sites that are not directly related to their work.

Technology tackling translation tasks

Researchers are developing a handheld computer capable of speech recognition and translating between 13 languages in four subject areas. The work is part of the Babylon program, which seeks to give soldiers and other government officials the ability to converse in multiple languages. The system is meant to take two speakers of separate languages and mediate their discussion into defined areas relevant to military operations.

eDonkey: new version

The new version of eDonkey has been released. This file sharing agent allows you to transfer any type of file such as MP3, images, etc. The main advantage of this agent is its ability to download films in DivX and MPEG format. eDonkey2000 doesn't rely on one central server, the servers can be located at any IP address.

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