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January 2001. News and Events -Week 1-
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Have Your Agent Call My Agent

Researchers are developing intelligent agents that interact with other agents on behalf of businesses. These agents don't just do simple tasks, they carry out processes that would take humans a great deal of time to complete (customer service, product configuration, buying, and selling). Autonomous software agents, in fact, excel at managing complexity and large amounts of information.

Robot Lobster to Sniff Out Mines

Teams of sniffer robots may someday scour land and sea, using their artificial snouts to root out mines in places and situations humans would rather avoid. At least this is the goal of a team studying the lobster -- a creature considered a paragon of odor analysis -- in order to create a robotic version of the lobster's snout.

Bionic Eyes!

Rods and Cones. Millions of them are in the back of every healthy human eye. They are biological solar cells in the retina that convert light to electrical impulses. Many people are blind -- or going blind -- because of malfunctioning rods and cones. Using space technology, scientists have developed ceramic photocells that could repair malfunctioning human eyes.
"If we could only replace those damaged rods and cones with artificial ones," says Dr. Alex Ignatiev, a professor at the University of Houston, "then a person who is retinally-blind might be able to regain some of their sight"

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