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February 2001. News and Events -Week 2-
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ShopBot : BuyWhiz

Looking for books, music or movies and DVDs? Make smart buys with BuyWhiz. It has a nice clean interface to help you get all the necessary information for making smart purchasing decisions. Buywhiz compares the total prices for goods, including tax and shipping based on where you live, and also indicates delivery times. It partners only with leading web merchants, for an added guarantee of quality service.

Net Snippets: save only what you want

Unlike other tools that save entire web pages or bookmarks, Net Snippets allows you to select the portion of the web page (the snippet) you wish to save. Using Net Snippets you can save articles, news, pictures and practically anything else you can find on the Web. Prior to saving a Snippet you can customize the way it looks, add comments or highlight important information.

ISuperCHARGER: are you ready to accelerate?

iSuperCHARGER adjusts and optimizes your computer for a dial up (modem) connection. iSuperCHARGER not only speeds up your computer when accessing the Internet, but speeds up and enhances all your Internet-related software as well. (ie: ICQ, MSN Messenger, AOL, PalTalk, Netscape, Internet Explorer, RealVideo, NetMeeting, CompuServe, etc..)

Wireless network lets objects talk back

A computer system that gives inanimate objects the power to talk back has been developed by US researchers. The system is designed to help engineers and maintenance workers check a piece of equipment by literally talking to it. Project researcher Yacop Genc, at Siemens laboratory in Princeton, New Jersey, says workers could start using the system in a real working environment by mid-2002.

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