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August 2002. News and Events
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An agent in the fight against obesity

As part of the fight against obesity among young people (which affects one in five young Americans), Kidnetic has enrolled a small 3D character called Busy Buddy. Developed by the French company La Cantoche using the Living Actor technology, this companion appears on the Web site or directly on the computer desktop, encouraging them to return to Here, they can find details of new activities or recipes for healthy eating, that provide the energy they need

System Monitor Detector

System Monitor Detector is an application to help you determine if you are being monitored by any kind of system monitor or spyware program. It does this by presenting you with several tools that will help you detect these kinds of programs. System Monitor Detector, unlike most other applications of this sort, does not rely on lists to detect system monitors.


AimingClick is a Web searching tool that lets you look up words contained in any Windows application in online search services: search engines, dictionaries, encyclopedias, news sites, etc. It is a handy and effective utility. To look up a word, just select it, click a hot key and choose a search site in the popup window. Your default Web browser will display the chosen site and the search results based on selected word.

Medieval 2

Tactical combat from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance! Relive the greatest collection of historical Middle Age to Renaissance Battles ever assembled in a single gaming system. Take part in the battles of Hastings, Agincourt, Dracula and many more!

WebView Pro

WebView Pro is an advanced multi-page web browser including a powerful bookmark manager for serious online research. Better than other tab-based browsers, pages are neatly listed in the Sidebar, allowing the user to open unlimited web pages simultaneously in a single window.

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