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August 2002. News and Events
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Automatically close those annoying jumping popup adverts and you will never again worry about those trouble makers disrupting your fun on the Net. AdsKiller protects your browser: you can easily recover your unfortunate browser title and default home page, which have been viciously changed. AdsKiller protects your documents: when you use AdsKiller to kill a popup advert, there are no worries about it deleting anything in your PC. AdsKiller ensure you enjoy a pleasant surf on the Net

AI Wars

A.I. Wars (The Insect Mind) allows you to develop the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) of an insect-like mechanized unit. Once you have developed your A.I. to the point that you think it can hold its own in battle you can then plop it into a battle simulation and see if it can survive! It's your unit against up to 500 others! Remember: "Smart bugs never die!" & "May your A.I. Bugs be without A.I. bugs!"


A new version (3.2) of FileNavigator has been released. This peer to peer file-sharing program allows you to share and search for any file type from any network based on the OpenNap and Napster protocols. FileNavigator supports any file type, allowing you access to an assortment of video and picture files, as well as MP3 audio files.The FileNavigator interface is easy to use. FileNavigator has the ability to limit bandwidth and resume failed downloads.


Why waste time wading through loads of spam every time you decide to check your email? SpamAgent silently runs in the background while you are free to do other things, rather than read spam e-mails. SpamAgent not only blocks Spam, but allows you to fight back against it and helps you to prevent spam from being sent to you again!

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