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April 2001. News and Events
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Download Boost: the third generation of download managers

Download Boost is a special utility designed to help you manage and boost the speed of your downloads. It boosts the speed of downloads by using multiple connections (up to 8) for one file. This tool has advanced features of the third generation of download manager software.

WinBrush: cleans up after you

WinBrush is a handy and easy-to-use tool that protects your privacy and keeps your system clean. It works by cleaning up the tracks you leave (document histories, temporary internet files, etc.) while you are working on Windows or surfing the Internet, and also removes all garbage files such as temporary application files and unneeded log or backup files.

Smasher: popup killer and cookie washer

Smasher speeds up browsing by keeping your PC clean. It stops pop-up ads automatically, but still allows links that open in a new window. It cleans your PC of Internet traces when closing last Internet Explorer and removes cookies as you browse. Smasher has a special option to freeze cookies so sites can not add or change cookies. This agent makes it possible to protect Internet Explorer using a password and much more.

2 Find Mp3: new version

NPS Software is launching a new version (7.5) of 2 Find Mp3. This agent allows you to locate check and download MP3 files. It uses the best MP3 search engines available on the Web today. You can download and listen to the music you want with a single mouse-click.

New agent: Fairlogic WorldCast

WorldCast is a two-in-one tool: A full-featured bulk emailer and also an email-address validator. It detects many of the common "dead addresses" that exists on many emailing lists, reports errors like bad email addresses, time-out operations and provides a detailed log of the entire delivery process.

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